Small but select (and flexible)

How we work

A small agency with a well-structured team, Chott Translations endeavours to complete your translation into and from all major European languages with competence and individuality, focussing on close interaction with clients and/or translators in the interest of accuracy.



We meet your deadlines
Prompt service is guaranteed.
We are convinced that one of the priorities of a good translation must be the prompt delivery of your translations on or before the agreed deadlines. Due to our flexibility we are also at your disposal should your translation require urgent attention or need to be done out outside normal office hours (at the weekend or on public holidays).
However, please take into consideration that tight deadlines are often kept at the expense of quality of translation.



Four eyes are better than two
Our translations are proofread after completion to ensure they are as flawless as we can make them.
Anyone who has ever created documents knows that when checking one’s own texts, errors are easily overlooked if there is not sufficient time left to check the finished document…. should this be the case we will be pleased to point out any errors in your original document, if you so wish.


Chott translation services round the clock
My personal commitment makes communication outside normal business hours possible, meaning that your orders are forwarded to the appropriate translator immediately and can be carried out without further delay.



There’s a price to pay for everything
We will be pleased to give you a no-obligation quote on request. Prices are quoted from case to case, based on the language combination, the area of expertise and the volume of text to be translated.
We ask our customers to submit their text to us only when a final version has been compiled. A charge will be made for subsequent changes.



Part of a translator’s work is dealing with sensitive documents that call for confidential treatment and we place great importance on this.